Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fabric Dyeing, Jan 17

Sunday did two sets of 9-step gradations (that's still the only way I can make the math work!), seven FQs, and a really awesome wingspan of "pre-soaked, then batched with leftover dye." Not bad for the first time I've dyed fabric in about over 18 months.

I measured the dye powder and kept scrupulous notes. I also saved snippets in a three-ring binder with the measurements I used, in case I want to reproduce the colors. I don't think I've done that in ten years (I first learned to dye in the fall of 1999)...

I'm using mixed colors from Dharma, and I didn't stir much, so the color is not consistant. Which doesn't really bother me because I don't have any end project in mind.

The orange and yellow fabrics are to keep my camera's color correction from freaking out at the lack of red...

Blue Green to Navy:
Blue Green to Navy

Blue Green to Royal Blue:
Blue Green to Royal Blue

Fat Quarters:
Assorted FQs
Not in order, but there's Navy with Pure Yellow, Navy with Golden Yellow, Royal with each yellow, Blue Green with Azure Blue, Blue Green with Pure Yellow, and Royal with Navy. The Golden Yellow was much browner than previously; I wonder if it settled during shipping (I do not recall stirring the powder in the jar).

Yesterday I bought a 25-lb bag of food-grade salt at the grocery store, to see if the colors become brighter next time (I felt bad-ass driving my cart around with that much I was stocking up before it becomes illegal in New York).

I used Kona muslin; it's about 200-count so very smooth, and very sharp visual resist effects from crinkles in the fabric. I would use it again for shibori, but not for a project where I wanted uniform color. And I guess I won't be hand-stitching anything made from these.

Finally, my wingspan of leftovers, hanging on my bedroom wall for inspiration:

It is a lot lighter now that it's dry, but I'm still very impressed with myself.

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