Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In which I feel like a slacker

Captain Kirk, in beads. WOW. I'd do Red Dwarf, of course...

Over the weekend I sorted through over 900 pieces of fabric, not including bits smaller than a fat eighth (which went immediately into the scrap bucket). There's one box left.

I started a new sequined coffee mug with fabrics from stash. I'd like to finish by the first week of April to give to my friend Andy for his birthday, so I won't fill in the background.

Note sleeping assistant on cutting board.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Don't know what I'm paying him for.

These pieces aren't going to sew themselves.

Monday, March 03, 2008

That's odd.

Quilt National sent me an entry form.

Yeah, like I'm going to have anything worthy by August.

Haven't been making much of anything; I've decided two years is too long for the spare bedroom to be unworkable piles of boxes and I'm trying to organize. I've even given away synthetic fabrics and I'm making a pile of 100% cotton to donate and/or sell cheap on eBay (not sure brown 19th century reproductions make the best donations to groups who make quilts for babies or teach inner-city girls to sew, you know?). Bryan was here this past weekend so no progress was made, but I have big hopes for the coming weekend.

Oh, I won $100 in a Scrabble tournament in Indiana in February. Saturday I scrupulously spent every last penny in a local quilt shop having a 29% off Leap Year sale. I know this sounds odd coming after a paragraph about clearing out fabrics I know I will never use--all those 19th century repros, what was I thinking??--but it's mostly thread, backings for unfinished objects, and three yards of black and white fabric patterned with printed circuit boards. I will never grow out of my fascination with PCBs.