Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quality Control

Quality Control
As expected, the first superhero cape was too successful and we are now making a Spider-Man cape--yes, I know Spider-Man does not wear a cape--for the nephew I shall call "Huey" (Dewey and Louie are still too young to know they want one).

Also over the weekend I found a whole box of fabric I'd forgotten about, including a couple of half-yard pieces printed with sushi. I also found a four-patch quilt that was all done except binding--about four years old, someone asked me to make one for her toddler and never gave me any money (next time, up front).

I'm out of ideas again. Unless someone tells me this is an unspeakably evil thing to do, I'm thinking I'll put a binding on the toddler quilt and give it to a friend who is expecting. The quilt has dogs, the family has dogs, the baby won't need a cape for a couple of years...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Socialist Realism

Gazing toward the bright future of the pastureland...

Gazing toward the bright future of the motherland

This is Antoinette, in Plymouth, just off SR 67.