Wednesday, January 25, 2006

First new work of the new year!

It's only been...most of a year since I last started something new. But yesterday, since my DSL refused to lease an IP address for 30+ hours, I sat down with a bunch of pre-prepared 3" squares of hand-dyed fabrics and batting, and my 15-qt tub of perle cotton and made two itty bitty quiltlets. They are multicolored hearts on squares; one is beaded and the other is plain--I don't seem to have the correct shades of pink and purple beads, so rather than ruin it, I've left it unembellished.

They are a little too "cute" to be "art," but they fit my recent need for some stress-reducing handwork.

Photos coming...sometime. I need access to a flatbed scanner...

This comes on the heels of several nights spent watching the History Channel and beading a piece I painted in 2004 (in a class taught by Susan Shie and quilted in 2005.